Discover Unmatched By HK – Sustainable Tall Activewear That Empowers Women

Hi there, I’m Helen, and this is the story behind my women’s tall activewear range Unmatched By HK.

Helen Kamya

Fashion to me is beauty in motion, a lifelong love that I discovered at the age of 11 years old.

As a child, my mother would regularly make many of my clothes, transforming ordinary store-bought fabrics into unique dresses, trousers, skirts and tops that were tailored to my nimble physique.

Then, after moving to London after graduating with a degree in fashion and textiles, I began a fitness journey as I joined a gym and became a successful wellbeing and fitness mentor, improving the physical and mental health of my clients with my programme HK Wellbeing.

But there was a catch.

Standing at six feet tall – without heels! – I have regularly struggled to find clothes that fit my frame well, literally squeezed myself into cars and plane seats, and often found my feet poking out the end of a bed.

And this means that finding women’s tall activewear that ticks all the right boxes for me has been difficult to say the least.

So I designed a range myself.

Unmatched by HK combat range

My tall female clients feel that their bodies are a ‘mismatch’ for current activewear brands.

They’re unable to find clothes that actually fit and flattered their frame, and are stylish as well as affordable – you might say it’s a bit of a ‘tall order’ for us!

But our bodies are not a mismatch for high-quality women’s tall activewear – far from it.

We are Unmatched.

Unmatched By HK combines fashion and fitness for tall women who struggle to find activewear for their body type, empowering them to feel their best on their fitness journey.

But that’s not all.

We also practice fair pay and fair-trade, producing high-quality women’s tall activewear that fulfils an urgent need for affordable yet ethically sourced clothing.

Our mission is to economically empower women who craft activewear apparel by equipping them with the skills and ability to financially support themselves and their families, so that their talents are celebrated. And our commitment to the planet means that we are eco-friendly – because Nature gives us everything we need, and we want to make sure that our range treats the planet and its resources kindly through sourcing sustainable-only materials.

Our range of women’s tall activewear is an investment in reducing your environmental impact through fashion, and it’s made to last.

We want Unmatched By HK to be part of the solution, not the problem – and we want you to thrive no matter how tall you might be.

Because you too are Unmatched.

Go to the Unmatched By HK website to find out more.

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