Empowering women is essential to me

It’s crucial to empower women! I am aware of all the factors at play in life, particularly those that affect women that might thwart and limit our potential. Despite the fact that I adore children and initially wanted to work in a field that had a direct impact on them, I later realised (after gaining maturity) that many of the underprivileged kids I encountered ended up in bad situations because their mothers or female carers, who had to support their households financially, were unable to provide for them.  Due to a lack of opportunities or resources, I witnessed some extraordinarily talented women being pushed to the periphery of life. This apparent fact hurt and still hurts my heart.

Empowering women perfectly matched my deep-seated beliefs, and I knew I wanted my brand to change the world for the better. I would still be assisting children by supporting women who look after them in their social network. To help ease up, release, and give life back to women who felt squeezed, pushed down. I want Unmatched by HK to assist in releasing these talented women from the clutches of desperation and bringing them into the light of possibilities where they can thrive.

We are working on a number of ways to put this into practise, one of which is making sure that these women who making our clothes are paid a living wage and given the chance to further their education, enabling them to empower their families and other women. Since 10% of the proceeds from each item of apparel you purchase from Unmatched by HK directly supports these women, as a customer you have contributed to this wonderful development.

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