Fashion to me is human-made beauty in motion

Since beauty is all around us, we constantly experience it. I first fell in love with fashion at the age of 11, and for me, fashion is human-made beauty in motion! My mother and a well-known television programme featuring the fashion industry called the Bold and the Beautiful” were the two sources of inspiration.

I watched in wonder as my mother, who sewed some of my childhood clothing, would turn plain flat pieces of cloth into lovely three-dimensional works of wearable practical art. As watched ‘the Bold and The Beautiful’  I observed the creative process of designers who had a notion, sketched it out, toiled diligently to make it, then brought it to gorgeous perfection for others to appreciate and utilise the television programme further confirmed my sense of amazement.

I would use fashion to progress women, supporting those who are skilled into employment opportunities, and empowering them to be self-sufficient, rather than bringing criticism, snobbery, or promoting fast fashion.

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