My path to fitness was fairly straightforward. I’ve always found some aspect of exercising enjoyable. The true journey, however, began for me when I relocated to London after receiving my undergraduate degree. I joined a gym, just like other folks doing the large city navigating thing!

One would assume that I lived at the gym because it had become my new community. In those trying and dismal days, I came across several beautiful people whose companionship felt like beams of sunlight. My newly discovered gym friends served as a support system for both my physical and emotional resilience. I made the decision to enroll in a personal training (PT) course after being encouraged to do so by my favorite gym instructor.

This was best decisions that I have ever made. Helping my clients achieve their physical and mental fitness goals while putting their overall wellness and health first has been a true joy for me as a personal trainer. Later, I launched my own mentorship programme with the intention of empowering others in order to fully flourish in life. To do this, I engage with my clients, by seeing and working with them from the inside out. I understand that what is more significant is the work we do on the inside, like what we tell ourselves and the reasons behind our actions. Additionally, I believe my clients already possess all they require to lead truly fruitful lives; all I have to do is assist them in locating these treasures.

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