My soft spot for children, and despising watching anyone suffer

Helping and supporting children with limited resources was the simple good I aspired to accomplish. I have always had a soft heart for kids and hate seeing people suffer. My heart has always been captured by children’s charming innocence and joyousness, which never fails to put a big smile on my face.

As a member of a club called “Christian activities” in year 3, I remember we had an afternoon trip to a nearby orphanage in the developing country where we were living at the time. There, I witnessed the abuse and destitution first hand and learned the terrible tales of how many of these kids, who were my age and even younger, came to be in the predicament they were in. My heart was broken by the injustice of these children’s situation, and I yearned to help them in any way I could. My resolve to help individuals who are suffering unnecessarily has been strengthened by this experience! I made a simple, childlike agreement with myself that if I became a fashion designer, I would use my success to aid the underprivileged kids I saw struggling.

Although the concept may have been simple, I now realise that the implementation is not. I’m always looking for practical solutions, whether it’s through discussions with experts in the industry or finding ways to advance skilled women into the workforce so they can support their families. I aim to source recyclable, sustainable materials, and put ethical values into practice, whilst making an effort to keep costs down for my clients.

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