I found, by having something to return to consistently each week, good for both my mental and physical health. The workouts made me feel energised, active and good within myself, as well as being influenced to eat healthy.

Helen delivered the physical side well, I like that she pushed and motivated me. Sometimes it was hard, but I always felt good getting to the end and feeling like I have done a productive work out.

When doing the self talk, Helen listened well and was very understanding which I think it what made me feel comfortable to open up further with her.

It was extremely helpful, especially during COVID. I felt like I had something to focus on and to keep me going physically. I felt the self talk helpful too, it was a good release of information, stress, sadness etc.

It’s been a couple of months since I completed the course and I am feeling the benefits. I initially joined because I wanted to develop long term strategies to combat my anxiety which had started to get on top of me. Helen has a wonderful ability to really listen and understand you. You feel her enthusiasm and dedication as she gently steers you towards your goals.

I can honestly say that I feel a lot more confident and energetic. I still need to push myself to go out and exercise, however I consider each small step a massive win. I feel much better mentally and physically and have even had to throw out a few of my old clothes as they are far too big and I’ll not be needing them again!

Thank you so much Helen!

I was a bit worried about how it would work over video call but I actually preferred it over face to face (I think I felt a little less self-conscious. I liked doing the course with someone else but I think if I did it again I would rather it was by myself. Helen came across clear (it was easy to follow her instructions). She was very friendly and very encouraging and supportive. I found the self-talk parts helpful and lots of what she said made sense. I would happily do a course with Helen again.

“Helen changed the way I approached exercise by introducing me to some new ideas…”

- Erin Moore

I have been training with Helen for nearly 5 years – both physically and virtually. When I signed up to train with Helen I was only looking for personal training. However, I have ended up getting so much more from my time spent with Helen. She has helped me through tough times (wedding planning, work stresses, personal issues) and has become more of a coach and friend than just a trainer! Helen has become a dear friend of mine and I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone looking for both a physical and mental coach!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Helen for many years now and watched her grow and evolve into the wonderful woman she is today. She has a genuine desire to see people flourish in every aspect of their lives. Very often we focus on keeping our bodies in shape but neglect our mental and emotional health. Helen will certainly bring the balance to your fitness by helping you to to be intentional about keeping YOU healthy and whole.

Helen and I met at the gym shortly before my son was born. I asked her to help me lose the baby weight, but instead what I got was a transformation from the inside out. Helen changed the way I approached exercise by introducing me to some new ideas: Many women have spent our lives trying to make ourselves as small as possible, trying to change through self-denial in eating and self-punishment at the gym. Instead: Why not try to make our bodies as strong as possible? As resilient as possible? Why not work smarter rather than harder? And why not have fun while we do it and fall in love with ourselves a little? Helen met me where I was—in my old paradigm with my old problems—and slowly and gently, radical change began. All my friends know about the transformation has been made possible. Helen never suggested I quit drinking 4 1/2 years ago, but that is part of her genius. She won’t try to turn you into a version of herself. She helps you figure out who you want to be, loves you through change, and helps you find your strength in all ways—mentally and physically. I’m so excited that Helen is launching a 6-week program aimed at helping people with anxiety to feel better, through movement and one-to-one coaching. It is open to all fitness levels—if you’ve never exercised, if you’ve stopped, or if you have exercised but felt there was something unsatisfying or self-punishing about your approach. Early participants have had great results on both mental and physical well-being, but I can only speak for myself: Helen is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She was the person I missed most during lockdown (other than my mama!) I root for her and her lucky clients today and always. All work is online, so you don’t even have to be local.

Before beginning the course with Helen I was suffering from quite high anxiety which was heightened due to the Covid -19 situation. I was also finding it hard to be motivated to do exercise alone at home.

Each week we did the exercise session together on Zoom – it was a great workout and I felt I definitely achieved much more doing the workout with Helen than I would have alone. Helen was so motivating and also made me a unique workout suited to my needs. I always felt better after doing the exercise session and in addition I was required to do the exercises myself in my own time – knowing Helen would speak to me each week was an extra motivation to do the exercises! I also experienced how the exercise made me feel better and Helen explained in the first session the benefits of exercise to improve anxiety, which motivated me too.

I really enjoyed the 30 mins each week where Helen talked through a different strategy to help improve anxiety. It was good to have this time to learn and talk about my needs and Helen gave me a goal each week to focus on. In addition we had a phone call each week to discuss how I was getting on and time for me to off load to Helen as well, she was really encouraging and uplifting and it was really helpful to have someone to talk to about my feelings /struggles /achievements. The strategies she provided were helpful in dealing with my anxiety and I have continued to use them since completing the course.

Overall the course gave me time to focus on myself and my needs both physical and mental.. I realised the importance of exercise for my wellbeing and what else I can do to help myself when I am feeling anxious. Helen is so friendly, positive and knowledgeable and was always willing to offer support if I ever needed outside of the designated session times.



A six week practical online course empowering you to be in charge of anxiety by using exercise and self-talk.

6-WEEK PROGRAM TO help COMBAT Depression

A six-week practical online course that helps manage depression through physical activity and weekly check in sessions.

12-Week one-to-one PERSONAL TRAINING with me

Friendly, fun and catered to your needs – in the comforts of your own space without having walk in to a gym environment.


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