So, here we are, proudly 6 feet tall

In school photographs, I was the tall kid who was always positioned in the back row among the other tall kids—and, let’s be honest, I usually ended up being the tallest! Hearing comments like, you are so big, how’s the weather up there? Thought you were one of the mum’s…..however none of these comments had a significant impact on me because of my mother. She always pushed me to be proud of my height and to appreciate it. 

So, here we are, proudly 6 feet tall. Yes, it has advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else. The Pros you can always see everything at concerts, it’s easier to dust clean the top of the wardrobe, and (apparently) the air grows fresher the higher you stand. I have no trouble reaching anything on the topmost shelves. It is said tall people are more likely to keep their weight in check, are less likely to encounter heart disease or diabetic complications, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or have a stroke.

The disadvantages, although the specific cause is unknown, those with longer legs are more likely than those with shorter legs to get blood clots in their legs. This is most likely caused by how long it takes blood in people with longer legs to get to their hearts.

One of the main issues tall women have is that sometimes things aren’t done with us in mind. If you are tall, you might need to avoid standard catered doorways or light fixtures, as well as skip certain rides at amusement parks and uncomfortable chairs.

And in terms of clothing, I think we’re occasionally overlooked and not treated as a priority when it comes to what’s on offer in the local shopping malls, which inevitably results in a limited or no choice.

Hence my passion to launch unmatched by HK, clothing for tall women, so we too can be catered to, cared for, and accepted! We are both strong and feminine!

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