The onslaught of setbacks, rejections and dead end streets

I started studying fashion and textiles at the age of 17 by enrolling in a foundation course, which helped me eventually earn a B.A. (Hons) in the field. My enthusiasm and passion for fashion has only intensified since I started studying it at this level.

I enthusiastically set out to gain the highly desired “work experience” in this industry after graduating. I hoped that taking this action would help me achieve the goal of most fashion school graduates, which is to one day launch their own brand. When the barrage of obstacles, refusals, and dead-end avenues suffocate optimism, this is where so many of these goals regrettably come to an end. I’m able to attest to this difficult route after 17 years! Although there were many heartaches along the way, there were also many positive lessons that could be learned.  But this long, tough road has a wonderful by product: my second love, fitness!

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