Yoga & Hiking Retreat

Location: Anglesey, Wales, UK

This luxury retreat is perfect for anyone looking to get out of the city and explore the stunning national park of Snowdonia on guided hikes through the mountains, as well as relax and unwind with professional yoga and meditation sessions.

What's Included

Once you arrive at the elegant country home that acts as your accommodation for the weekend you’ll be able to totally relax, unwind and head out to explore the stunning wilderness, the brooding peaks and deep corries of Snowdonia, as well as the windswept coastline and secluded beaches of Anglesey, on a number of guided hikes.

Each day you will discover new trails through the mountains that have been used by the locals for hundreds of years, but are still far enough off the tourist trail to feel as if you’re hiking through genuine wilderness and far from the beaten track.

You’ll also be able to re-energise with professional yoga and meditation classes, during a yoga retreat designed to rejuvenate and re-nourish mind and body.

Head out for the great outdoors, drink in the magical scenery and enjoy the clean, fresh mountain and sea air, and return home feeling thoroughly satisfied and reinvigorated.

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